Some of you have asked for tips on how to get organized in your sewing room/studio.  So, it's seems to me that we all need help with this.  Let me show you some of my favorite ways that I keep thing in there place and what helps me. 

Hanging the batting from the basement ceiling works very well at my home.  Not all of you have a basement and this is not something you could do.  Here's a thought maybe you have a garage, storage closet or a place that it could be hung.  Hanging from the ceiling doesn't take up floor space.

We used the extra poles for my long arm frames to hang the batting on.  The poles are hung with straps that you can get at the local hardware store. Then I went to my closet and selected a few belts that I no longer can wear (or fit in). These belts became a strap to hold the batting from unrolling it's self which one bold did entirely on the floor.

Four bin hamper for organizing scrapes.  I could not live with out this device in my studo.

Each bin is labeled for what goes in the hamper. Batting, batiks, regular fabric and strips are how I sort each compartment. 

Serger thread sorted by color on a peg board has been attached to an unfinished wall in the basement.  When you need 4 or more spools of each color it is nice to see what colors you have and the ability to get to them helps also. 

Under the long arm frame is a large amount of dead space.  After taking a few measurements I started researching for drawer units with wheels.  These fit perfect and I purchased four from Ikea. This frame is 12 foot.

Here's the information about the units and a link to help you with more details about the drawers.


Drawer unit on casters, white

Article Number: 
Drawer stops prevent the drawer from being pulled out too far.
26 3/8x26 "

Under my 10 foot Momentum Frame I have added a shelving unit with fabric drawers.  This works well for scrapes, stabilizers, yarn, project and sew much more!  These units were purchased at Target.  They are made to stand up.  By putting them on their sides they were perfect for this frame and the space that I had. 

Watch for more ways to help you get organize!

Happy Quilting,