There is so much you can do with Golden Threads Paper.  Let me list a few things for you to try or ponder.

  1. Trace paper patterns/Pantographs and create companion designs.
  2. Draw with a Frixtion pen and when you do not like what you drew take it to the iron, press away and start again.
  3. Create a stencil that can be Pounced by needle punching your Golden Threads Paper.  You can do this with multi layers.
  4. Stitch through the Golden Threads Papers when you can not see the Pounce on your fabric. Use a Seam Fix Seam Ripper/Eraser to remove the paper from the stitching. 

Golden Threads Paper is available in many sizes.  If you can only purchase one roll get the biggest.  You can make large and small designs on the bigger pieces.  It is hard to use the Golden Threads Paper that is taped together.

When storing your designs you have made think about these options:
Upcycle an old tube from wrapping paper, paper towel orcardboard tubes.
Keep your empty tinfoil containers, wax paper containers or other containers this type.
Remember anything can become a quilting the flower on this tray.

Happy Quilting,