Saving Your Design

To save the design

1. Open the File menu and scroll down to Save As

2. Formats for those who want to sell the designs they create

3. The Save As box opens a) In the Save in: window select the folder where the design is to be stored b) In the File name: window give the design a name c) Save the .ans editing file. (1) The .ans file should always be saved first. (2) This file can be re-edited at a later date in the same ways you edited on the day you created the design.

4. You will also need to save the .hqf file that the Pro-Stitcher reads a) Open the File menu and scroll down to Save As b) In the Save in: window select your flash drive c) The name you selected will already be in the File name: window so no change is required there

5. Open the Save as type: window 

a) You can save in a variety of quilting formats

b) Or you can save in any one of the many embroidery
Pro-Stitcher – Art and Stitch Basics  

c) You can also batch save to multi formats at the same time by using the SAVE TO All Quilting or All Embroidery Formats.
formats c) There is also an option to save in All Embroidery Formats or All Quilting d) Select HQ Pro-Stitcher (HQF) and Save B. The flash drive can then be inserted in the Pro-Stitcher

1. Go to the Library

2. Click on File/Design and Load Pattern

3. Navigate to the USB Stick (Usually your D drive)

4. Select your design and quilt