When it comes to stitching embroidery designs, stabilizers, hooping and other steps with creating a great embroidery design comes many questions about true and false.

Lets talk about some of the myths, misnomers, truths. 

 1. Hoop- have you been told to hoop your fabric and stabilizer as tight as possible?

  • It is not a military bed or a drum.  The same thing happens when we load a quilting frame and put it as tight as possible, the fabric puckers when you remove it from the hoop or frame.
  • The only time you want the fabric as tight as possible is when you hoop something that is going to be worn tight.  I am sure you are all going to go out and embroidery your swimsuit.  Lycra and other body forming fabrics you want to hoop tight.
  • Puckering happens due to the fabric having lift and returning to its original form/life.  Polyester thread will magnify the puckering.  You will also see this with your sewing machine tension being too tight. 
  • Caution, don't stretch your fabrics.

2. A good design will sew out beautiful and perfect every time.

  • These items do not make a difference:
    • Fabric
    • Machine
    • Texture
    • Thread Color
  •  Embroidery is a form of art. Is art ever perfect?  Only to the artist that made it. Reality is that the hoop is always moving.  Fabric is being pushed and pulled. Our sewing machine needles wear down and change the stitching. Bobbins that are wound to fast are overly tight causing gaps in our alignment of the design. Wrong fabrics with the stabilizer and threads can be a disaster.
  • So at the end of the day proper digitizing is only one part of the equation when looking to get a good stitch out.

Watch for more information on how to get good stitching with our embroidery machines.

Happy Sewing,