Materials Needed:  7/8 yd. for each outer & lining fabric 3 yds. of belting for tote strap or make using Simply Stable covered with fabric Batting or Simply Stable for foundation of tote 2-25” zippers Additional is fabric is needed to add pockets. Optional ruler pockets, scissors and other quilting notions.  (NOTE: Amount will vary depending on how many pockets you make)

 Create your own quilted fabric. Simply sandwich a 7/8 yd. piece of batting between two 7/8 yd. pieces of fabric and sew across the top using your favorite quilting design. Great way to practice your crosshatching.   This tote is designed to hold an 18″ x 24″ rotary cutting mat, 6X24” ruler and cutter. You can increase or decrease the tote size to hold larger or smaller mats, just make sure your tote is 2″ wider and 1″ longer than your mat when folded in order to hold it securely.  When planning pocket placement on the inside of your tote, keep in mind that it will have two top edges because the tote will fold in half when you carry it. Make sure your pocket openings face up when the tote is closed.
1. Using your rotary cutter, self-healing rotary mat & ruler, cut your quilted fabric to 26x38″  2. Make button loops for sides of the tote by cutting two 6″ pieces of binding and sewing down the long side of each piece to close the binding. 3. Measure 5″ from one short end of the tote and pin a binding piece at that spot. Pin the second loop on the opposite long side, making sure the pieces are aligned. Sew each end in place to make a loop. 4. Pin belting on the outside of the tote, looping it over the top of each side to create an oval shape. Make sure the ovals are centered on the short sides of the tote. These loops will become the handles of your tote. 5. Securely stitch belting to the quilted fabric. 6. With right sides together stitch zipper around the three outer edges of the tote.  using instructions with zipper package. Two zippers will join at top of tote for opening.  
Make the pockets:
1. Lay out the OLFA rulers you want to carry on the inside of your tote. This will help you determine where to place the pockets. 2. To cut fabric pieces for pockets, use the following formula: (ruler width x 2 + 1″) + (ruler length + 2.5″). Example: If your ruler is 6″ x 12″, you will cut a 13″ x 14.5″ piece of fabric. 3. Fold each fabric piece in half, right sides together, and sew the long edge and one short edge, using a 1/4″ seam allowance. Leave the remaining short edge open. 4. Turn the pocket right side out and press flat. 5. Hem or bind the top open edge to finish the pocket. 6. Make as many pockets as you need.  

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