Choosing the right needle is not always an easy choice. There are so many options with sizes and types. I thought it would be a good idea to help with the decisions ahead. Sewing garments you have many different fabrics you may be using. We have knits, micro fibers, natural fiber like cotton or silk to choose from. With each of these fabrics the needle type changes. Knits need a stretch needle or ball point, piecing quilts you will want to use the quilting needles. If you are lost Schmetz Needles has an education page that will help direct you when choosing your needles. Klasse’ needles also education information that can be downloaded. The Sewing Machine Needle Guide v.20170207 is something I use all of the time.

Remember change your needle every 8-10 hours of stitch or each project. You need to do this on every machine you own, sewing, sergers and long arm machine.

Below is the Baby Lock Long Arm Needle Guide. Home sewing machine are 1 size smaller that a long arm needle.