No friend should be without this adorable quilted jacket.  It is the best gift to give your best friend.


Supplies Needed (for a medium jacket size):

½ yard fabric for lining and outer jacket , this fabric may be piece or solid fabric

Cotton or wool batting for interior

½” sew in Velcro for closure (measure section A and B for length)

Quilting Frame, Quilting Machine and Robotics

Binding for finishing outer edge 2 ¼”  by the measurement of C, D and E.


1.       Quilt fabric yardage and stitch the pattern piece according to your pets size.  You will need to quilt a left and a right side piece.

2.       Remove fabric from frame and cut on the digital pattern line.

3.       With right-sides together stitch the left and a right side pieces.

4.       Cover the seam with a ribbon or binding. 

5.       Bind edges C, D and E of pattern.

6.       Sew on Velcro positioning opposite pieces from each other.

7.       Stitch buttonhole for leash placement.

8.       Take your dog for a walk and see how it fits!

Happy Quilting,


pet jacket.png
Pet Jacket.jpg