A questions that is always coming up is about how to care for quilts.  This give me a great opportunity to give some suggestions and advice on what my thoughts are.
Here's my thoughts: Laundry detergents and Woolite are to harsh for quilts of any age.  At my home we us a product called Orvus Quilt Soap.  I purchase it from my local quilt shop. 
It's really a detergent, not a soap, made of 100% sodium lauryl sulfate, with a neutral pH that is completely biodegradable.
The most important about a information is that it contains no: 

  • Optical brighteners which are really poor wash-fast fluorescent dyes (that means they wash out easily) that transform invisible ultraviolet light to make fabric colors appear brighter.
  • Fabric softeners which can leave behind a residue on fabric that attracts dirt and oils.
  • Fragrances
  • Enzymes

One of its best features is that you know exactly what is and isn't in Orvus and what it is.
Though similar chemically, detergents and soaps are different. Soaps are made from animal or vegetable fat and oils which are then mixed with a strong alkali. Detergents are created from petro-chemicals.

Below are a few websites with information on caring for your quilts.  


Last I would like to tell you about what I do with regards to quilts thatI give as gifts.

  1. Label
  2. Give quilt with a card that describes best practices for caring for your new quilt. 
  3. Also let the person know the quilt is made for loving, holding cuddling and washing is allowed. 
  4. Include a bottle of quilt soap with each quilt. 

Happy Quilting,